The Great Firewall of China- Breaking Through China’s Great Firewall

What is the best VPN to use when traveling around China?

Firewall of China

Many students at Kung Fu Bootcamp want to share their posts, videos, tag themselves in unique locations around China…. BUT… China has all social media blocked!

China has spent more than a decade building the Great Chinese Firewall, the digital barrier that prevents the country’s users from reading what their government doesn’t want them to see online.
China is now home to over 618 million Internet users, 80 percent of which access the Web via their smartphones.  As many as 50,000 government employees enforce the censorship of Web pages and search terms.
More than 2600 websites are or were blocked in mainland China from Facebook, Twitter, various religious sites and many VPNs.
While choosing to use a VPN is a no-brainier these days, choosing the right one can remain a tricky task, especially as what you want out of a VPN service varies.


VyprVPN The worlds best and oldest VPN Service.

Born from one of the worlds oldest ISP’s with dial-up Internet service. Before long the business grew and established Giganews, which became the world’s best and largest Usenet provider.
Today Giganews remains the premier Usenet provider in the world.
Golden Frog was established shortly afterwards as they turned their focus to providing Internet users with more security, privacy, and access to an open, uncensored Internet through our proprietary VPN, VyprVPN. VyprVPN is much different than all other VPN’s

Chameleon VPN

VyprVPN has launched a new VPN protocol called ‘Chameleon VPN’.  What’s this about then, I ask you hear?  Well given their experience in the VPN protocol business and after listening to feedback from their customers, they decided to develop a new VPN protocol.  From what I have heard from expats living in China, this new VPN protocol goes far beyond all existing VPN protocols and works without ever getting blocked.  When contacted, Goldenfrog gave the following information regarding beta user feedback from using the service from within China..

“Chameleon is currently the only VPN technology that consistently allows me to connect to the Internet from within China,” said Shawn Price, an educator at an international school in China. “It is essential that I’m able to access Web resources like Youtube and professional blogs outside of China’s restrictive network, and Chameleon helps me do that in an easy way so I can remain productive.”

This new VPN protocol is much harder for the Chinese government to block, as it masks the metadata that VPN connections send out when a connection is active.  That means the current setup of the Chinese Firewall cannot detect you specifically are using a VPN service. This means you won’t get those dropped connections that used to happen fairly regularly even on a 256bit OpenVPN protocol.

Anyway, if all of the above might help you access the internet whilst in China, and you are looking for a VPN service.. Then make sure you try them out and enjoy the free 3-Day trial.

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