Kung Fu to become the new self-defense benchmark in Dubai

Kung Fu becomes worldwide well-known, all thanks to Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.   Kung Fu in Dubai becomes rather common, all thanks to www.uaekungfu.com that has come with some of the best action lessons.

Kung Fu in Dubai  is the first Chinese Martial Arts school based in Dubai, offers traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi training for the mind, body, and spirit. www.uaekungfu.com provides a professional, friendly environment to enhance your Martial Arts training.

Dubai Kung Fu Class

Kung Fu as a self defense strategy is slowly gaining popularity all over the world as well as Dubai. www.uaekungfu.com has effective lessons to benefit many, regardless of one’s gender, age, social or educational background.

The company (www.uaekungfu.com) with its professional and trained instructors offers a lot of  unique animal forms besides many others and is now the talking point among many. Basically, a style of Shaolin Boxing, this technique is a superb art to strike down enemies from angles that would rarely be expected from those in offense. By bringing this fluid style under its banner, the school is now thronged by students based in Dubai to avail this art form.

www.uaekungfu.com has been one of the noted names for teaching a wide range of martial arts practices including Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Tai Chi in Dubai. Aside the traditional forms, the school also offers a friendly environment to practice several other new martial arts training. From techniques that involve strikes, joint locks, throws, punches, kicks and submissions to basic physical exercises to benefit the body and mind simultaneously. Classes are usually conducted separately for kids, teens and adults. For those interested, it is the beginner level that they need to start with before moving on to the advanced stages.

In addition to the animal style forms, there are Tai Chi – (Chen Style), Drunken Master and common belt training programs that one can avail as per his or her preference. Keeping in mind the need for safety as much as building self confidence and pressure release, these classes are perfectly attuned to one’s requirement.

An instructor who was available for comment said, “www.uaekungfu.com encourages you to visit our school and watch our classes. You will be impressed with the quality of our students’ knowledge and the professionalism of our instructors. More importantly, we provide real Kung Fu with several locations to better serve you. we believe will take the reputation of our school to a new arena and lead the self-defense benchmark in Dubai.”


Dubai Kung Fu Class 2

About the Company

Uaekungfu.com is the first Chinese Martial Arts school based in Dubai as well as one of the leading schools in Dubai teaching Kung Fu, Tai Chi and other essential martial arts training to students.

For more information, Please visit http://www.uaekungfu.com/

Or simply call at: 00971526265816

Fairy Wang, Manager
Shaolin Kung Fu

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