Britain’s Got Talent: Amazing sword-wielding Kung Fu girl aged 9 is already a HOLLYWOOD star

Jesse-Jane McParland Britain’s Got Talent contestant

Jesse-Jane McParland Britain’s Got Talent contestant

The pint-sized Kung Fu fighter who wowed the Britain’s Got Talent judges tonight is already a Hollywood child star.

Nine-year-old Jesse-Jane McParland stole the show this weekend with her sword wielding martial arts act.

But what show producers didn’t let slip is that the youngster is already a star in America, having finished filming an action movie this year.

Her first movie Martial Arts Kid, alongside stars Cynthia Rothrock and Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, will hit screens this year.

And in July she will start filming a movie with teen idol Zac Efron called Awakening.

Jesse’s brave act left Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden speechless – with all four putting her through to the next round.

But her mum let slip that the young martial artists has caught the eye of movie big-wigs as well as the BGT panel.

Sinead McParland, 37, said: “She got flown over to Hollywood for the Martial Arts Kid with big names in the sport.

“She’s just been picked now for another one set in Ireland called Awakening, starring Zac Efron. It’s being shot in July. And she’s set to be in another one produced by a US company, which we don’t have the name for yet.


“She’d love to be like Jackie Chan – we’re getting a lot of approaches about her. But she’s still very humble.

“We’d love her to earn millions one day from being a big movie star. As long as it’s what she wanted and that she’d look after her sisters with money.”

Already the youngest female world champion in the karate and kickboxing league and nine-time World Martial Arts Games European champion, Jesse has won a total of 117 titles.

But it wasn’t the path her mum wanted her to take.

“She’s my first born and I wanted a princess. I tried her at ballet and she had other ideas.

“She tried karate and she just loved it. It went from there to kick boxing, to extreme weapons. Then it was the sword and I was like ‘Oh my God, you’re breaking my heart.’

“I really didn’t want her to get into that but she has such strong willpower and passion that you just have to support them. Just because I wanted a princess doesn’t mean she wants to be one.”

And everytime Sinead watches her daughter perform she is sick with worry and can barely look at the dangerous moves she does.

“Something could go wrong on the day. Something could happen and she’d fall and seriously hurt herself. Whenever I watch her my hearts in my mouth. It’s beating 10 to the dozen. I feel sick. Sometimes I can’t even watch her, I hide behind people.”

Living in County Armagh with her mum, dad Gary, 36, and sisters Molly May, 6, and Sugar Ray, 2, she’s already a star in her hometown.

But Sinead insists she grounded and switches from timid to aggressive when performing.

“She’s a quiet child, nothing like you see when she’s doing her martial arts. She’s timid and loves school. She’s a different child when she’s on the mat.”



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