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Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced

At the School we offer martial arts for anyone... Regardless of your level. If you are a beginner our Masters will help you learn Kung Fu the right way, teaching you about the arts and styles. Making sure that way you learn...


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Begin the journey that will lead to a better mind, body, and soul.



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Kung Fu Styles.

Forms & Styles

Intended to preserve the lineage of a particular style branch, and often taught to advanced students selected for that purpose. Many consider forms to be one of the most important practices in Kung Fu. They gradually build up a practitioner's flexibility, internal and external strength, speed and stamina, and teach balance and coordination.

Many styles contain forms that use weapons of various lengths and types, using one or two hands. Some styles focus on a certain type of weapon. Forms are meant to be both practical, usable, and applicable as well as promoting flow, meditation, flexibility, balance, and coordination...


Kung Fu

Weapons Training

Generally carried out after the student is capable in the basics, forms and applications training. The basic theory is to consider the weapon as an extension of the body.

The process of weapon training proceeds with forms, with partners, and then applications.

Depending on your progress, your Master will give you a choice of weapons to learn, most common are Bo Staff or Broad Sword.

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The Phoenix Plan
Weight Loss

Designed for those who are looking to target Weight Loss in a short period of time ...

The Phoenix Plan is aimed at people who have tried and failed at losing weight. Getting into shape is not always as easy as its made out to be.


Students doing hand wheelbarrow in a group05:00 - Wake up and get ready


05:30 - Gather for morning circuit session (don't be late!)


06:00 - 07:20 First Morning Session ----- Students go to their individual groups for morning session, this normally consists of Qigong Soft & Hard meditation (dependent on style and season).


07:30 - Breakfast (1h30m Break)


08:50 - Room Inspection  ----- It's important to maintain a standard of discipline.


09:00 - 11:30 - Second Morning Session ----- Warm up followed by of training.


12:00 - Lunch (2h30m Break)


14:30 - Afternoon training session ---- Warm up routine followed by a variation of training routines designed to increase performance.


17:00 - Finish ----- Normally at this time the students will shower and prepare for post-training activities such as Mandarin lessons.


Saturday & Sunday - This is your own time, many students take this opportunity to visit the local towns, spas, restaurants, cinema etc. There is lots to see, so take the opportunity and explore.


Note: This is an overview of an average training day - some routines can change for different activities such as the dreaded 'beep test' to push you that bit further, while other activities can involve tire flipping, acrobatics, weapons training, and long runs to the local town or river.

Training Schedule

Monday to Friday


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