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Begin the journey that will lead to a better mind, body, and soul.




Kung Fu Bootcamp provides bespoke packages for people seeking to learn Kung Fu in China, from spiritual awareness, meditation and relaxation, improved health, fitness and weight loss.

A fulfilling life experience, at an affordable cost. Our Masters aim to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

Our courses are the perfect workout for your body and mind, with a focus on cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength and flexibility, among many other benefits that come from learning Kung Fu. All of our Kung Fu masters are Chinese with lifetimes of training experience.

Kung Fu temple with students at Kung Fu Bootcamp


About the School

Kung Fu Bootcamp is unique in being able to offer courses tailored for international students, without compromising on the authenticity of Chinese traditions.

Key to this authenticity is our location, we are in a private park filled with amazing wild-life, statues, forests, lakes and wild bamboo. Yet our Temple features modern accommodation, our rooms have TV, WiFi, and en-suite bathrooms with western toilets.

YongPing, 永平县 is a small, friendly and quiet town located in southern Yunnan Province, at the foot hills of the Himalayas with an average altitude of 2000 meters, situated between the two cities of Dali and BaoShan.

The temple is within 20 minutes from the local town, with easy to reach domestic airports in BaoShan, Dali City, and Lijiang.

YongPing has has zero pollution with the most clean and freshest of air surrounding the school.

We pride ourselves with going the extra mile when providing support when booking with us, this will continue throughout your stay, and help you plan your trips if you wish to explore China.

Student Testimonials

Alex Wayman

The most healthy, spiritual, life rewarding two months of my life! Previously I trained 4 times a week, at the gym, hired personal trainers and not got anywhere near my fitness goal..

After my first month, I lost 13 pounds, learned 2 basic Shaolin forms and made new friends.

After my second month, I increased my flexibility and gained a good level of muscle definition, learned a weapons form (Bo Staff) and achieved more in 2 months than in 1 year back home.

I loved my time at Kung Fu Bootcamp, and I can’t wait to go back. This is not for the faint hearted, this is not a health retreat/spa and you will not get a buffet. This is a Kung Fu...

Jane Pond

I used Kung Fu Bootcamp when I did my Gap Year. They advised me on exactly what I would need to equip myself with before heading off and what I should expect once I'm there.

What was most comforting, was the fact that the advice given was coming from a person who had actually been there and experienced it. So they knew exactly what I wanted to know, and were able to answer everything I threw at them.

I was able to perfect my Tai Chi form and learn the first sword movements.

The training was harder than I expected, yet I could not get enough, it's my hope to return back to the school after university.

Jackie Chan with the School at SportAccord 2010

SportAccord is the umbrella organisation for all (Olympic and non-Olympic) international sports federations as well as organisers of multi-sports games and sport-related international associations,  an international sport organisation with 93 full members (international sports federations governing specific sports worldwide) and 16 associate members (organisations which conduct activities closely related to the international sports federations)

Beijing March 2010

Our Kung Fu Bootcamp School had the honour to be invited to the open ceremony of the first SportAccord Games in Beijing. The School performed a complex routine in front millions of viewers with none other than Jackie Chan.


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