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Our mission is simple.. We are not here to sell you a trip, a holiday. We are here to help you get the best of you with Kung Fu, or you could say, change your life.

Kung Fu Bootcamp was set up by a student, and run by a westerner to provide you with the best advice.

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Begin the journey that will lead to a better mind, body, and soul.



Kung Fu is the way to train in developing mind and body. The code of conduct at the heart of Kung Fu practice, martial morality, is an integral part of this training.

People who do not understand Kung Fu might think of martial arts as encouraging violence, but in reality it is the exact opposite. Martial arts are the way to train in developing good habits.

Traditional Shaolin monks often dealt with the study of martial arts not just as a means of self-defense or mental training, but as a system of ethics.

With decades of traditional Kung Fu knowledge our Masters aim to provide you with a safe environment during your stay. To do this, there are rules and regulations to guide your behaviour, however personal care must be taken inside and outside the school.

Top priority is given to the safety of yourself and others! All training equipment should be used with care.

A full set of sparring gear is required and must be worn in sparring classes.

We have strict rules at the school, here are some:


  • School Rules & Regulations:  Discipline is of the utmost importance, therefore, Rules & Regulations must be strictly enforced
  • Theft will never be tolerated, no excuses. Thieves will be ejected immediately without recourse or refund.
  • No illegal substances, such as drugs, unless prescribed by a Doctor. Any breaches and you will be ejected forthwith.
  • Alcohol and gambling are not permitted at the School (exceptions can be made for alcohol on special occasions).
  • Bullying will not be tolerated. If a student is lacking in confidence or is not as advanced as yourself do not NOT mock them. This is bullying or intimidation and will not be tolerated.
  • No bad language to be used during classes or towards and around staff members.
  • You need to maintain your personal hygiene. Finger/toe nails are to be kept short to avoid injuries. This is vital and lack of this shows a lack of self-esteem and no respect for fellow pupils.
  • Maintain a clean room, your space and your school should be clean and tidy.
  • Attend all training sessions & not be late. Failure to do so shows a lack of respect and devotion and you will get a warning.
  • Follow your Masters' instructions at all times and have a serious attitude towards your training.
  • There will be no preferential treatment, even if you take the VIP package. If you think you cannot comply with these rules, then please do not apply.

Martial Morality.

Deed: Humility, Virtue, Respect, Morality, Trust. Mind: Courage, Patience, Endurance, Perseverance, Will.















Martial morality has always been a required discipline in Chinese martial arts society. Teachers have long considered martial morality to be the most important criterion for judging students, and they have made it the most important part of the training in the traditional Chinese martial arts. It includes two aspects: the morality of deed and the morality of mind.

Traditionally, only those students who had cultivated these standards of morality were considered to be worthy of teaching. Of the two aspects of morality, the morality of deed is more important, because it concerns the student’s relationship with master and classmates, other martial artists, and the general public. Students who are not moral in their actions are not worthy of being taught, since they cannot be trusted or even respected. Furthermore, without morality of deed, they may abuse the art and use their fighting ability to harm innocent people. Therefore, masters will normally watch their students carefully for a long time until they are sure that the students have matched their standards of morality of deed before letting them start serious training.

Morality of mind is for the self-cultivation which is required to reach the final goal. The Chinese consider that we have two minds, an “Emotional mind” (Xin) and a “Wisdom mind” (Yi). Usually, when a person fails in something it is because the emotional mind has dominated their thinking. The five elements in the morality of mind are the keys to training, and they lead the student to the stage where the wisdom mind can dominate. This self-cultivation and discipline should be the goal of any martial arts training philosophy.


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