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At the school we offer martial arts for anyone... Regardless of your level. If you are a beginner our Masters will help you learn Kung Fu the right way, teaching you about all the different arts and styles. They will make sure that the way you learn is engraved onto your mind and body, and with practice, will remain for years to come.

As an intermediate martial artist, depending on your physical fitness, and what style you have previously learned, you can learn advanced moves and techniques. Our Masters will correct those mistakes or bad habits you have picked up in time, making your Kung Fu much better.

Advanced martial artists know what is in store for them and many won't even read this page... If you are advanced in Kung Fu... You know this is the place to come. Train hard until you can't take it anymore, push your mind and body to limits you never thought were possible, and then go beyond your normal speed, stamina, and flexibility, a physical achievement only seen in athletes.

Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced

1-3 | 4-8 | 9-12 | 12+ Months



Begin the journey that will lead to a better mind, body, and soul.



Adrian, with no previous martial arts knowledge though hard, dedicated training has achieved a Gold Medal at the Hong Kong International Tournament, after only one year of learning Kung Fu!

Some people have asked...

What can I expect if I train for a year?


Short term stay, 1 - 3 months, you will increase your health and fitness, and if have extra padding around the waist... you could lose about 1-2 stones per month depending on your dedication and natural body physiology. You can also learn at least 2 fist forms of whatever style you choose.

Although you can learn a lot in 1 - 2 months you are barely touching the surface of the basics of Kung Fu, remember Kung Fu is lifelong study and dedication.

After a few months training you will know if Chinese martial arts is for you or not, and decide whether you would like to continue your training or come back in the future to improve yourself. Most people return.

Medium term stay, 4 - 8 months, time flies when you are having fun... By this time you will now be able to order those dumplings you were scared to ask for when you first arrived. But the language is not the only thing you have improved. After losing the padding, you will see that your fitness has increased, you are no longer at the back of the class when going for those long runs.

This time you are learning more difficult Kung Fu forms, including weapons, your power and speed has increased and your Chigong is more advanced.

Medium to long-term stay, 9 - 12 months, by this time you will have a good knowledge & understanding of what you have learned. Because you have been training for quite some time now there should not be any mistakes from you and you should be shining amongst the other students around you. Your fitness will be at its peak, you will have a low fat percentage, be flexible, your forms will be fast, and with great power, your confidence will be through the roof, and you can now order more than dumplings.

Long term stay, over 1 year, students at this stage will now have the opportunity to test their skills, and represent the school and your country, in competitions worldwide with the opportunity to not only win a Gold Medal, but other prizes too.

All of the above is a rough guide. Because everyone learns at their own pace and some people attend with previous martial arts training it is impossible to tell you exactly what you can and can’t learn during your stay.


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